Our Story

As a lover of fashion and the environment, founder Shannikah Doherty had reached a crossroads when she struggled to find a clothing company for young women that didn’t compromise ethics or sustainability in some way.
RAZE began as a dream, an idea, a desire to manufacture clothing as ethically, sustainably and as transparently as possible. 
Committed to not taking shortcuts, committed to transparency, committed to the environment and committed to the people we share this earth with, RAZE is not just a piece of clothing that you can wear, it’s something that you can say. RAZE is a statement that speaks for the unspoken, the many humans that are being exploited for profit in countries all over the world, and for the environment that sees mountains of waste filling with plastic each day. This is a cycle that as consumers we have the power to end through conscious buying.
Our values regarding ethical production and sustainability are at the core of who we are.
RAZE is handmade with love, care, patience & thought in Brisbane, Australia
Our Philosophy
Every step of the process has been mindfully considered so that you can have full faith and trust in the garment that you wear. Made from the beauty that nature brings, RAZE uses textiles that are created from plants and trees, meaning that at the end of your garment’s life cycle, the fibres are fully biodegradable.

Here at RAZE, our aim is to produce timeless pieces that will not just be a momentary trend but will stand the test of time against the ever-changing fashion industry. We want to keep our footprint to a minimum, while also leaving a mark.
We hope you wear RAZE with pride