Our Materials

All garments are made using cotton thread

Made from cotton

Compostable mailers
Our mailers are from No Issue and are 100% compostable
Shipping labels
Our shipping labels are from No Issue and can be put in the compost along with your mailer
Swing tags
Our swing tags are hand made using recycled paper that has been sun and air dried, and are pressed with botanicals sourced from Marradong Country, Western Australia. Each label is unique in its appearance and colour. The twine used with our swing tags is made from hemp so is therefore fully biodegradable. The twine is given it's colour using environmentally friendly dyes
Tissue paper & stickers
Our customer tissue paper and stickers are from No Issue and is recyclable, non-toxic and printed on using soy-based inks
Our fabrics are sourced from responsible mills with forestry accreditation, ensuring that environmental impacts are kept to a minimum. We have obtained our fabrics through a third party Sydney-based company that is passionate about sustainable textiles and only chooses to work with suppliers that align with their ethos

Our tencel and modal blends are soft and lightweight, making them perfect for the Australian climate. They are made using a closed-loop recycling process, which means that the majority of chemicals are re-used and therefore kept out of the environment

Our Ayurvastra GOTS certified organic cotton is hand loomed and completely free of any synthetic chemicals

From start to finish, we only use natural fibres

Our commitment to sustainability, transparency & readiness to always improve is our promise to you